The MapRoom is currently a platform-startup.

The MapRoom wants to enhance awareness and understanding about social domains as complex-dynamic systems.
Considering the state of our globalized world, we can conclude that a lot of things have become so complex, large and interconnected,
that it is very difficult to understand what is actually going on. Also, our political and manageable grasp on some developments and domains
is now superseded by the incredibly powerful mechanisms of the globalized structures.
The IT-era has undoubtedly facilitated this growth in scale and speed, and connectedness.

Some important questions that illustrate this are:
– what happened during and before the financial crisis of 2008?
– why are our health-costs increasing so much?
– should we implement a basic income?
– what if every company is going to outsource its labor/production?
– what are the systemic effect of bio-industrial superfarms, e.g. bio-diversity, economy etc?

It will be clear that the relative scale of some developments is posing threats to our way of life.

The MapRoom
The MapRoom wants to be a sparring partner that appeals to creative thinking on a higher level, also called: systems-thinking.
One part of this ambition is to create an public and interdisciplinary research- and discussion platform, that can contribute to solving the
issues that arise with our centralized and globalized institutions.
Another part is to perform actual diagnostics on social and commercial domains.

Please stay tuned for more developments on twitter.
Martijn Veening
September 2015

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